Top quality LEICHT laminate countertops allow for under-mount sink installation – a particularly attractive solution for modern kitchen design. In this modern form of installation, there is virtually no visible or tangible transition between the sink and the countertop. A cast resin bed protects the countertop edge from the intrusion of liquids. This special procedure implemented by LEICHT makes under-mount sink installation possible for virtually every fitted stainless steel sink.


The laminate countertops used by LEICHT consist of several layers of resin and paper that are manufactured in a high-pressure process. The decorative paper layer is protected from mechanical impact by a transparent overlay. LEICHT offers an extensive range of laminate countertops to suit all kitchen fronts. Laminate countertops permit flush inset sinks.

Thickness Options

●     19mm / 3/4″

●     30mm /1 1/4″

●     40mm / 1 1/2″

●     60mm / 2 1/2″

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